What is RubberPave™?

RubberPave™ is a specialized paving franchise division of KwikPave™ (SA).

Where can I use RUBBER paving?

Every playground, swimming pool area, or indeed any area where people (especially children) could sustain a serious injury if they slip and fall, requires a soft surface covering to prevent any such injury.

Rubber paving is the ideal and recommended solution …

Why should I use RUBBER paving?

Rubber paving has the following characteristics:

  • Comes in various shapes and sizes for specific applications
  • Comes in various colours
  • Is non-slip
  • Is virtually indestructible
  • Can be easily lifted and relayed
  • Is made from recycled tyre rubber – eco-friendly

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR NEAREST BRANCH OF KwikPave™ (SA) for more information and a detailed quotation.